Precision Cleaning Services

1. Cleaning Services Cassette
>> Cassette sorting and testing.
>> Cassette cleaning and vacuum packing.
>> Shipping of Cassette.
>> Disposing of the damaged Cassette.

A 156 sq m of Class 100 clean room and a 350 sq m of 10K Clean room, with 5 numbers of fully automated washing line equipped with latest liquid particle counter, ion chromatography, air particle counters and other tests equipment, the production yield can achieve as high up to 25K/Day (95mm) or 30K/Day (65mm).  As of June 2011, more than 25 million of Cassettes had been cleaned with 100% passed.

2. Cleaning Services for class 100 clean suit, shoes
Enco offers cleaning services for clean suit, shoes, glove and rag which are able to meet the requirement of micro-electronic, media disk and other industry.
The whole cleaning process is carried out in a class 100 clean room environment, which include electrostatic test, drying and vacuum-packed.  The equipments are by Electrolux, a reputable laundry equipment manufacturer in Denmark.  It uses highly purified de-ionized water.  A standard procedure is strictly adhere to ensure the work is carried out accordingly. 

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