Integrated facility Management

Integrated facility Management
    ENCO-based Facility Management expertise aims to provide customers with qualified and experienced human resources in management, operation & maintenance, EHS & OHS, integrated technology and logistics services.  The Facility Management also to ensure that the equipments are operating in a reliable and optimized mode for effective cost saving and assist client in establishing QA, environmental, safety and health system.  Furthermore, offer professional advices/solutions and support in project renovation.  This will enable clients to focus on their core business, minimize any unnecessary time spend on the project, labor costs and unwanted risks.

Intelligent Maintenance Management System
----A 24-hour operation center of BMS, all systems status are real-time monitored.  Any failure, fault alarms and maintenance activities will be automatically recorded in the systems. 

Preventive maintenance
----TPM and OEE in accordance with the requirements of the actual operation of the system status and maintenance records, develop appropriate preventive maintenance programs to improve system stability and utilization.

Intelligent Fire Systems
 The 24-hour operation monitoring center keeps track of all fire protection system in real-time with quick response.

NIA emergency plan
---Evaluate risk assessment/emergency plan for all system and work site.  Organize regular simulation exercise. 

MAXIMO computerized maintenance management system
---Using MAXIMO system, integrated procurement, inventory, human resources management, work order submission, approval, preventive and prediction of maintenance can be easily managed.  Thus, increase productivity and reduce maintenance cost.

Environmental, health and safety
----Strictly adhere to OHSAS18000.  Provide excellent services to customers’ production and office environmental requirement. 

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